About Us

Our Commitment To You

The success of our company is built on quality customer service, our industry knowledge, and our personal relationships with some of the region’s best wineries.

The two of us are your personal hosts and company owners that are mindful of offering you more than what you paid for and providing that memorable experience that you’ll want to tell all of your family and friends about.

We do not accept bachelor or bachelorette party reservations in order to maintain the quality of our tours and relationships with private, family-owned wineries not open to the general public. 

Meet The Team

co-owner Sustainable Vine Wine Tours
Bryan Hope, Founder (2007)

Certified Sommelier
Graduate, Sonoma State Wine Business Management Program

Bryan’s interest in sustainable farming and his background in natural foods, earth sciences, and eco-tourism led him to the idea of creating vineyard and winery tours with a sustainable focus. Since then, his first-hand experience with all aspects of the wine making process, from planting vines to filling and labeling bottles to appreciating the wines, has laid the foundation for a company that provides informative, first-hand wine tour experiences.

Scott Bull of sustainable wine tours
Scott Bull, Tour Host and Owner

Level One Sommelier
Wine & Spirits Educational Trust, 2017 Certification 

In 2013, long time friend Scott Bull joined the team as co-owner and knowledgeable host. Scott brings a vast understanding of the wine industry and local wine producers, as well as natural and cultural knowledge of the region. He also has a strong reputation as an environmental leader in the local community. Scott has worked in the wine industry since 2007 and is as passionate about about wine as he is about providing exceptional tour experiences.